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Medicinal use of daylilies New

Medicinal use of daylilies

Read part 1. ← Daylilies - cultivation, care and reproductionThe medicinal properties of daylilies Daylilies have been known since antiquity. Back in 70 BC. e. the Roman naturalist Pliny described a species of daylily in his Natural History, and Dioscorides reported on the medicinal properties of its flowers and leaves.

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Information About Pink Petticoat Information

Information About Pink Petticoat

Get Started Tecomanthe Petticoat Vine: Learn About Pink Petticoat Plant CareBy Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban AgriculturistRampant, vigorous trumpet-like bright pink blooms and looping stems with bright green foliage... this describes Tecomanthe venusta, or pink petticoat vine. What is a Tecomanthe vine?

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Log splitter: which one to choose? All buying advice Interesting

Log splitter: which one to choose? All buying advice

La stagione invernale è arrivata e per chi possiede una stufa in casa oppure un caminetto preparare le cariche di legno può essere un dispendio di energia notevole. Per svolgere questo tipo di lavoro ci viene in aiuto lo spaccalegna.Siete alla ricerca del miglior spaccalegna in commercio che possa soddisfarvi nelle vostre esigenze?

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Growing Ixia Bulbs: Information On The Care Of Wand Flowers Miscellaneous

Growing Ixia Bulbs: Information On The Care Of Wand Flowers

By: Becca Badgett, Co-author of How to Grow an EMERGENCY GardenIf you need a colorful addition to a flower bed that gets hot afternoon sun, you might want to try growing Ixia bulbs. Pronounced Ik-see-uh, the plants are commonly called wand flowers, cornflowers, or African corn lily plants. Ixia wand flower thrives in the hottest and sunniest areas of the garden, producing attractive, sword-shaped foliage and masses of dainty, star-shaped flowers on wiry stems.

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Mitsuba Plant Info: Learn About Growing Japanese Parsley Miscellaneous

Mitsuba Plant Info: Learn About Growing Japanese Parsley

Many of us cultivate herbs for use in cooking or for medicinal use. We normally plant the usual standbys parsley, sage, rosemary, mint, thyme, etc. If you’re finding your herbs a bit ho-hum, you should try introducing some Japanese Mitsuba parsley into the garden. What is Japanese parsley and what other interesting Mitsuba plant info can we unearth?

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Euphorbia trigona 'Royal Red' Interesting

Euphorbia trigona 'Royal Red'

Prime destination for succulent loversRSSFacebookInstagramTwitterPinterestHomeSucculentopediaBrowse Succulents by Scientific NameBrowse Succulents by Common NameBrowse Succulents by GenusBrowse Succulents by FamilyBrowse Succulents by USDA Hardiness ZoneBrowse Succulents by OriginBrowse Cacti by GenusAbout SucculentsCultivationGeneral CareLight RequirementsPotting SoilWateringFertilizingPests and DiseasesRepottingPropagationPruningGraftingArrangingSucculent UsesMedicinal SucculentsCosmetic SucculentsCulinary SucculentsSacred SucculentsLibraryBooksStoriesMyths and LegendsStampsWorld of Flowering PlantsYou are at:Home » Archive for & 34;Euphorbia trigona & 39;Royal Red& 39;& 34;Browsing: Euphorbia trigona & 39;Royal Red& 39;SucculentopediaEuphorbia trigona & 39;Rubra& 39; (African Milk Tree)Euphorbia trigona & 39;Rubra& 39; (African Milk Tree), also known as Euphorbia trigona & 39;Royal Red& 39;, is an attractive cultivar of Euphorbia trigona…

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