Holly Bach Flower

Holly Bach Flower



The Bach flower remedy Holly is for those people who come to experience immense anger caused by hatred, jealousy, suspicion or envy.


Remedy name Bach flower

: Holly

Common name in Italian

: holly

Scientific name

: Ilex aquifolium(Family Aquifoliaceae)


Bach Holly flower, holly, is a remedy that must be used whenever you feel anger caused by strong emotions such as hatred, jealousy, envy, suspicion. These extreme and negative feelings cause in the person Holly a hard heart so much that the person comes to not trust anything or anyone and has a tendency to see evil everywhere for fear of being deceived. All of this causes loneliness that only fuels anger and resentment.

This is a person who needs a lot of affection but cannot get in harmony with her most loving part of herself so her feelings are always negative and acrimonious.

Edward Bach describes a person Holly in this way «For those who, at times, are assailed by thoughts such as jealousy, envy, revenge, suspicion. For the various forms of resentment. These people can suffer a lot in their hearts and often without there being a real cause of their unhappiness "(1).


The remedy of Bach Holly flowers in flower therapy helps to have the ability to love others and oneself by eliminating the tension that causes negative feelings to be experienced. Create the conditions for love, friendship, forgiveness and joy to reign. It works against negative feelings by giving birth to love for oneself and for others. Teach you to have greater self-esteem by accepting yourself for who you are.


If you want to prepare the Holly mother tincture of Bach flowers, picking the flowers directly in the field, it must be borne in mind that this Bach flower must be prepared with the boiling method.


It is possible to find the holly plant in bloom in spring (April and May).

It is an evergreen tree that can reach up to twenty meters in height, truly magnificent thanks to its leathery and shiny leaves and the showiness of its red fruits, typical of the Christmas period.

The leaves are leathery, of a beautiful dark green color (although variegated species exist), oval with entire margins those placed higher and with serrated margins those placed lower with triangular thorns (to protect the new shoots from animals which, finding thorns, they ignore them).

It is a dioecious plant which means that there are plants that bear only female flowers and plants that bear only male flowers. The flowers are white, small and grouped in corymbs at the axil of the leaves and while the male flowers carry only 4 stamens, the female ones have only the ovary, the style and the stigma.

On female plants, poisonous red berries are formed starting in autumn, as are the leaves.

(1) Taken from The Twelve Healers and other remedies by E. Bach

Holly Bach Flower

HOLLY - Flower n. 15

Ilex Aquifolium , Holly , Houx, Acebo.

F. favorite shave: "THEY ARE ALL AGREED AGAINST ME! "

Action: from the hardness of mind. to generosity

Originating from southern China and the Alps, this perennial tree or shrub with shiny, ever-green leaves and deep red berries grows in the woods and on the edge of scrubland. The male and female flowers are white, lightly scented and usually bloom on different plants from April to May. It is a well-known plant, a popular Christmas ornament with red berries, leaves with sharp thorns while they are young. Find out more

Phytotherapy: with the leaves abscesses and inflammations are treated and an infusion is obtained to fight colic, grippe, bronchitis, rheumatism.

Shelfmark: as a curiosity it could be said that the fact that at Christmas it is customary to hang a holly decoration in the doors, this could mean that we must leave hatred, anger and jealousy outside the door, if only for those days of the year. holly is linked to the birth of Christ, it is the Christmas plant par excellence, and as such it symbolizes universal and immortal love. It represents the passion of Christ, as its thorny leaves and red drupes are symbols of Jesus' pain and blood. The Druids, Celts, and Romans believed that holly protected against the evil spirits of nature.

PLANT PERSONALITY: it has a "heart" as hard as its leaves, resistant and with sharp thorns, which are also dangerous for children, since they inflict pain and inflammation when they sting. But evil turns into the healing energy of love.


Word of Bach: "For those who, at times, are assailed by feelings like envy, jealousy, revenge, suspicion. These people can suffer a lot, often without there being a real reason for their unhappiness."

"The human soul never appears so strong and noble as when it renounces revenge and dares to forgive a wrong." E.H.Chapin

"Man's unhappiness stems from his desire for revenge" F. Nietzsche

"Hate is love soured by the anger of rejection" H. Guntrip

State negative : cautious and mysterious attitude, he suspects that there is another truth behind the apparent one. He suffers from a sense of inferiority and is afraid of the opinion of others, but he masks him with a hardened armor. He doesn't value himself much and feels he has the world against him. Separated from love, his heart is closed and hard, he trusts no one. He no longer recognizes the loving part of himself and of others. He doesn't feel loved. and thus does not love. He also hates violently. He sees negativity and contrariety everywhere. Touchy and fussy, susceptible, bossy, rude in communications, social relationships are impoverished, interpersonal relationships difficult. Stiff, with a hard expression that pushes others away. His soul is full of poisons and bad feelings: he cannot restrain jealousy, envy, jealousy, revenge, suspicion, anger, resentment, vexation, anger, resentment, irritability, susceptibility, distrust, frustration. Angry, in a bad mood, he is in a quarrel with the world, unhappy with negative feelings, experienced and expressed in an open and even violent way. Quarrel is his main form of communication. Excessively focused on himself, he does not recognize his mistakes and limitations, does not accept himself for what he is and continues to compete with others in a competitive way and to the sound of small spite. He projects out what he does not allow himself to see within himself unable to love, projects and sees this inability in others. He feels he has been wronged and blames others. Unhappy with the success of others, he lives a poisoned existence. Prey to delusions of persecution, he does not trust anyone because he fears being cheated, deceived. Mischievous, discontented and humorless, he resists everything, and fundamentally neither forgets nor forgives. Conditioned by past experiences, he feeds on great pains and disappointments, which have produced in him a "block of the heart", tends to prejudice and generalize situations, to ruminate, angry, forms of harassment and confabulation to the detriment of others. He alternates aggressive drives with cowardly reactions. He is afraid of suffering and being excluded. His is a dull, angry pain.

State positive: love, humility, tolerance, appreciation of others' work and ways, ability to understand the circularity of "cause and effect", deep understanding of emotion, sympathy / love for the human condition, satisfaction or self-recognition.

Statistically found diseases (according to some authors), which the subject could face, if not harmonized: paranoia, physical stiffness. Cystitis, pollakiuria, kidney stones, renal colic. Cholecystopathy, biliary colic. Dyspepsia, bloating, constipation / diarrhea. Neck pain, disc disease, spondyloarthrosis. Chronic persistent skin disease. Depression, insomnia. Hepatobiliary, urinary and gastric disorders. Inflammatory diseases.

Reformulations of the students who attend my courses: paranoid, vindictive, attacks to defend, destructive, "strong box", defensive, closed heart, embittered, wary, suspicious, withered, angry, aggressive, possessive, jealous, bilious, competitive, bitter.

Sexuality: useful when the relationship is lived in an aggressive way, to transform it into an intimate and profound relational exchange.

Children: anger, jealousy, suspicion, revenge, touchiness and apprehension that explode with violence. Bad mood, stubbornness. Envy when a little brother is born for what is given to them. Anger, resentment, rivalry at home and at school. Jealousy when parents kiss. Nocturnal enuresis.

Positve thinkings: I too am part of the world and therefore I must not feel excluded, I open my heart to others as they open it to me,

I feel connected to my family and I know that they love me, feeling love for someone will overcome all difficulties, I have confidence in my abilities and I am able to help others, I understand that my anger comes from not being able to receive love , if I want to receive love I must first find it in myself, now that I understand my feelings I can also understand those of others, I am able to rejoice in the success of others as I rejoice in mine.

Healing: develops self-love, that is, self-esteem. Silences that sour voice that pushes us to constantly measure ourselves with others and to suspect them. Gives the charm of someone who loves himself and is ready to love others. Recovery of the ability to love, to accept and esteem oneself and others, rebalancing of affectivity. The heart opens to love and compassion. Life is understood by radiating love. Eliminate or lessen negative feelings towards others. Take love where it seems to be missing, protect you from your own negativity.

Condition that develops, harmonizes or awakens: TO BLACKBERRIES

Archetypal representation: "Universal Love". Symbolizes union with divinity.

CHALLENGE: understand that love is the primal force that created, permeates and moves the universe, and we can always have it.

TO INCREASE ITS EFFECTIVENESS: any therapy or exercise that opens the heart to others. Love and let yourself be loved by any thing or person that attracts you.

CHAKRA: it acts on the 3rd, 4th and 5th vortices

Preparation: the remedy is prepared by the boiling method. The indicative flowering period is from April to June.

Transpersonal principle: activity, heat

Enneagram: 1 anger

Positive affirmations: I open my heart and am full of love and compassion.

FREQUENT ASSOCIATIONS: Chicory, Heather, Willow.

Chromatic vibration combined with the plant

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When you pour out love and understanding, everything will be made a hundredfold for you. Even when you pour out criticism and negativity, they will be made a hundredfold. What is held deep within you will be reflected in your outer life. You cannot hide dissatisfaction, sorrow or unhappiness, as sooner or later all of this will burst outward like an abscess, which will need to be hacked. The faster the poison is eliminated, the better it will be. The best and quickest way is to change your entire attitude: replace poisonous, negative, critical thoughts with thoughts of the purest love, harmony and understanding. It is possible to do this very quickly.
You don't have to wallow in unhappiness and depression. You don't have to waste precious time feeling sorry for yourself - when you want to change your situation, you can do it immediately. Change can happen in the blink of an eye.

(from: "Eileen Caddy - The Inner Doors - Amrita)

Content index:

Holly, protection and transformation

The Bach Holly flower corresponds to the holly plant, a plant widely used in the Christmas tradition. In tradition it symbolizes universal love.

The holly has an ancient history linked to different cultures: the Celts and the Romans used it because it was thought to protect from the influences of evil. Being an evergreen plant that remains as it is all year round conveys a sense of immortality.

It is linked to deep love that like holly grows slowly to become intense and lasting.

The Bach flower contains two meanings of this shrub: the protection and the transformation.

The thorns that we find in the lower part are a sign of protection on the material level but contain a meaning linked to the transformation of evil (the thorns hurt) in the healing energy of love (represented by the holly wreath that is usually used for Christmas).

Heart closure: inability to be loved

Holly is recommended to all those people who don't feel loved enough by those around them.

Feeling love for someone is the highest and most powerful form of energy available to man. If this ability undergoes an imbalance, the consequences are that you will come to feel a distant feeling, sometimes opposite to love such as anger, envy, hatred, jealousy, suspicion. The person fails to get in touch with his inner capacity to love and goes through moods such as susceptibility, paranoia, lack of forgiveness and emotional frustration.

The person who lives in a disharmonious Holly state feels a continuous sense of bitterness, dissatisfaction, complains about every wrong he has suffered and becomes suspicious, as if every person were ready to cheat him. People who need the Bach Holly flower are those who are hypersensitive to the rudeness of others and the smallest rude gestures.

Holly is the right flower to give to older siblings who experience episodes of impatience and jealousy when a younger brother arrives.

Holly and unconditional love

Taking the remedy means bringing back into your life the ability to love unconditionally. Because it is precisely unconditional, universal love that allows us to open our hearts and let what arrives within us.

The heart is not only a pump that brings oxygen to all organs but it is the transformation center of emotions, in which anger, anger and jealousy can be transformed into love and forgiveness.

The person who needs the Bach flower Holly, unlike Willow or Vine, expresses his disharmonious arrogance with warm and heated, sometimes blatant attitudes that show his inner aggression and frustration. We can recommend it for all sensitive, angry, touchy people.

It also becomes a good antidote in case of food, chemical or drug intoxication or poisoning.

Bach flowers n.15 Holly holly 20ml

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Flower therapy arises from the holistic concept according to which each individual is composed of a body, a mind and a spirit. Bach flowers are 38 flower remedies that are born with the aim of balancing these elements to live peacefully.

Ingredients: Grape alcohol, aqueous extract of Ilex aquifolium L ..

How to use: Oral use.

Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool and dry place.

It is not a homeopathic medicine.

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Holly Bach Flower

you live in inner harmony, radiating well-being and joy





This floral remedy helps in cases where emotional states such as anger, hatred, envy, jealousy, distrust, desire for revenge occur. The types Holly they live continuously in a state of angry restlessness, they easily go into a rage and consequently very often lose control of themselves. In situations of extreme irritation even a fly on the wall disturbs them. They often complain about others, to whom they attribute the blame for their bad mood, indeed it can be said that for anything they always find a culprit on which to discharge the responsibility for their mistakes.
So where does this extremely destructive state of mind arise? It is said that hate is the other side of love, but why does a human being so preclude himself from the possibility of loving and being loved? Are you afraid of love? Do you want to protect yourself from something? Has he in the past expressed his feelings too much and been so disappointed with others - or with himself - that he is afraid of feelings? Is this what these people think when they say: "I can hardly forgive, not only others, but also myself"?
Let's go back for a moment to the image of Centaury. These individuals are so compassionate towards others that they often fail to say no. They give a lot, they live almost exclusively for others, but they expect to be reciprocated with love and esteem. If they are disappointed - they often also say they feel exploited - they have two options.
The first is to learn the lesson, using the will to take their life in hand, the second is to compensate for their weakness by blocking the feelings through which they have been hurt. The exaggerated request for attention is followed by the refusal of these same attentions, if one is disappointed while the necessary delimitation towards the surrounding world, typical of the state represented by Centaury on the positive side, it results in the closure towards the outside. From the negative experience of being exploited an attitude of defense is formed, since one's will, not being very strong, must continually be safeguarded. In fact, it only attacks when it is believed that others want to hinder us in some way.
The mistake these people make is to defend themselves from the love and attention of others, thus rejecting in practice what they lack most. In the mood corresponding to Centaury they so desire to be loved and appreciated that they do everything for others to be, indeed they even put their needs in the background for fear of not knowing how to satisfy the requests of the other and thus losing his love and his attentions.
The first step is definitely to free up with Holly feelings blocked, but it is necessary not to stop at this level, because the cause is much deeper. Only through the care of the attitude represented by Centaury in the negative it is possible to eliminate the true basis of the destructive feelings that we find in Holly.
Holly it is therefore the clearing remedy of the flower of communication Centaury, which represents an extreme "Yin" state ("Yin" is a definition of Chinese medicine that indicates the shift of a polar equilibrium in the direction of "minus"). Since an unbalanced situation is always unstable and cannot exist for long by itself, compensation takes place at some point, in other words the balance abruptly shifts from an extreme Yin state to an extreme "Yang" (" Yang 'is A pole opposite to Yin and indicates a' plus'). It happens exactly like the pendulum of a clock, which swings from side to side and then comes back. Since the Yin state in Centauryit was extreme, the Yang state that makes up for it in Holly it's just as extreme

It is significant that Bach has place Walnutis Holly in the group Hypersensitivity to influences and ideas, who described them below in The Twelve Healers & Other Remedies and that the two plants bloom at the same time.
We must therefore assume that, however tormented he was at that stage, the preparation of Walnutprotected him, making him less vulnerable to external influences and ideas.
But what if it were influences of internal origin?
Holly it is useful precisely for this purpose: it is “for those who are sometimes attacked. "
Thus begins the description of the remedy.
Now imagine that the aggression has overwhelmed the subject's defenses and that a negative interference has been established.
The state Holly it is very serious, since it embraces all the strong negative feelings that not only dwell in the soul of an individual, but that manifest themselves with destructive, even violent, behavior.
Harassment is an antiquated term, but here it does not refer to a despotic disposition, but a form of deeply negative disturbance more specifically describes the experience of being strong-feeling.
We all know what it means to be shaken by anger, one's own or someone else's.
Since it acts on hatred and anger, Holly is perhaps the most important of the thirty eight remedies Bach, even if he presented it in another way, namely as a protection "from all that is not universal Love", to avoid negatively characterizing feelings that intensify as soon as more attention is paid to them. Anger isn't wrong in itself, but a lack of love can cause problems. Hate comes from the absence of love: one excludes the other.
Holly it is indicated for any persistent negative feeling that violates the sacredness of life.
To understand why Bach he chose Holly to do this, it is necessary to understand what happens in a person in the throes of a fit of jealousy or anger. Modern neurological sciences affirm that "feelings are a complex set of chemical and neuronal responses", which determine "favorable circumstances for the organism".
Anger is a reaction to the invasion of the sense of self perceived as a violation of integrity, behavioral standards and can turn into something much stronger, a threat to one's self-control. Victim of physical or non-physical interference, a person can react by proving outraged: so far the answer is natural and legitimate. The problem arises when the fact of feeling outraged becomes habitual: those who are habitually angry are probably subject to a continuous stimulus that makes them so. The invasion or aggression that undermines the sense of self depresses the natural defenses to such an extent that a part of the being gives way becomes, so to speak, an occupied territory.

Source: Bach Flowers Form and Functions by Julian Barnard

This condition is fulfilled Impatiens / Holly at this point he will be an irritated person, angry with others, intolerant towards everything and everyone. What was covered by SPEED, emerges without more restraints because the confusion generated by the state Impatien / Holly it is such as to disorient those who are experiencing it. The state Impatiens / Holly it can be compared to a prisoner in a net that moves in a FAST and uncoordinated way for the impatience to free himself, increasing the tangle of knots and laces of the net.
The more his anxiety increases, his desire to get rid of the net FAST and the more this twists around him.
THE Bach flowers Impatiens / Holly, instead, they provide the possibility of slowing down, of observing problems with the right tranquility, of finding the key to the problem.

Source: Bach Flower Therapy Last Frontiers of Tradition, Dr. Maurizio Lupardini.

Therapeutic strategies
Falling in love is the best therapy for this woman! But first we must help her to unblock her heart, to download aggression, to learn to forgive. Very good results are obtained with Bert Hellinger's family constellation technique, with which old conflicts can be resolved and family relationships can be reset on new foundations. Teamwork also helps a lot to rediscover the lost unity with the surrounding world and to rejoice in the successes of others. Wonderful results with Neroli or Damask Rose oil, applied on the fourth chakra or diffused in the environment. A drop of Neroli or Rosa mixed with cream to be applied in the chest area between the two breasts and posteriorly on the column at the same height, always in a circular motion and once a day.