Videos about plants that bring good luck, happiness and money to the house

Videos about plants that bring good luck, happiness and money to the house

About plants

Videos about plants that bring happiness and good luck. What indoor plants not only purify the air, but also help keep the family calm and attract money to it.

Flowers for good luck and money

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Poinsettia or Euphorbia beautiful
Saintpaulia or violet for beginners

7 simple rules for novice florists for buying indoor flowers

If you are not yet a very experienced florist, it will not be at all superfluous to listen to the opinion of experts. Indeed, the further success in its cultivation largely depends on how correctly the plant is chosen when buying. So what to look for?

  1. Do not start by buying a whimsical plant, which only an experienced florist can take care of.
  2. Be careful: in a healthy plant, the leaves are strong, without damage and evenly distributed over the stem, the earthen lump does not lag behind the walls of the pot, and there is no green bloom on the soil surface.
  3. Refuse to buy a flowering plant if there are no buds left on it.
  4. Almost all imported plants are transported in the so-called light soil, therefore, soon after purchase, the flower must be transplanted into a suitable soil for it. You can buy soil at a flower shop.
  5. If you bought a flowering plant, then direct sunlight will not damage it. All others during the adaptation period are best kept in a room with diffused light.
  6. You need to water the "beginner" quite a bit, your task is to provide him with warmth (the air temperature is not lower than 20 ° C) and protect him from drafts.
  7. In the first 3-5 days, it is advisable not to touch the plant and not look for a "better place" for it, rearranging it back and forth. He needs complete peace of mind to deal with the stress of moving into your home. It is even worth covering the flower with a glass jar or plastic wrap, thus fencing off the "bustle".

10 indoor plants that will bring happiness and love

All sorts of signs and beliefs about indoor plants that speak of flowers that bring family happiness formed the basis of this top 10 indoor Spathiphyllum.

1.plants (people also call it "Women's happiness")

Helps unmarried people find their own. the half who is already thinking about the child - Love. will become pregnant and mutual understanding will always be in the family, where spathiphyllum grows (female happiness).

2. HaveZambarian stillbut (violets call her saintpaulia)

Helps keep the family calm by fighting less. In addition, this indoor plant is a symbol of eternal love.

Expect passionate love in the near future if you have a Chinese rose (hibiscus) in your house, it does not matter what kind it is, but I think that the color red is better.

4. Xoya, or "Wax ivy"

If you put a hoya in your bedroom, it will bring you family happiness.

5. Mirt (also called candle tree, vosovnitsa, wax myrtle)

long ago Even among the people, it is believed that myrtle makes marriage successful, and peace brings happiness to an already established family.

6. Aichrizon (the people also call the tree "love" and "the tree of happiness")

The tree of happiness (love) brings love and happiness to his and the owner's family.

7. TOalatea(saffron calathea - ornamental from the only calathea grown indoors)

helps Calathea in family life - this is an indoor plant symbol of home happiness.

8. Xlorophytum (folk green: names lily, bride's veil, spiders, family happiness)

People say that if there is a houseplant chlorophytum in the house, your family life will be happy and calm.

9. TOislic (also known as oxalis, hare cabbage)

If you want to find your love or keep your family, then start a sour.

10. BUTnthurium(popularly male "they call happiness", a flamingo flower)

For men, he gives masculine strength. And the family, where there will be, anthurium will accompany success and happiness in love.

So be sure to get yourself one of these indoor plants and it will definitely bring your family and you happiness and love!

Chinese rose (hibiscus)

To attract love and attention from men, it will not be superfluous for single young ladies to add a Chinese rose with similar properties to the spathiphyllum. Having settled in the house, the eastern sorceress miraculously begins to attract men to it, among whom soon appears "the one".

Chinese rose

Tell me which houseplants bring good luck to the house, and which ones are better not to grow? Or is it all superstition?))

So, if you are tight with money, get a fat woman - a money tree. For a special effect, it is recommended to plant in a red pot. If suddenly the fat woman does not help, start also a plectrantus. The result will not be slow to affect :).

Well, muzhegons can no longer be counted - from the bearded classics - scindapsus and ivy. Although it is probably strange that only these .. If someone's husband is completely lost in the jungle of 100 plants. and his wife flatly refused to look for him there ... probably all 100 would be logical to call muzhegon!

Ivy is an energy vampire, and, according to another sign, it gives a sense of self-confidence. So if you are sometimes rushing from the energy accumulated during the day, get ivy. This little "energy vampire" will not only drink it with ease, but will also give you a sense of self-confidence ... Attention! There are side effects: in any case, do not have a husband !! ! - all ivy in the house will die (subjects are incompatible).

If you have problems in personal relationships, get oxalis - a flower of love, and for a greater guarantee, hibiscus - a flower of passion and love. If you are too shy in intimate relationships, sprout an avocado seed: sexual liberation is provided for you.

If you do not want to be gossiped about you, do not forget about Tradescantia.

The competence of ficus (especially small-leaved) includes well-being and good luck. So if suddenly luck has turned away from you, you understand who to complain to. In general, ficus is a good, calm atmosphere in the family. He is considered the patron saint of the hearth since biblical times, since when Adam and Eve were expelled from paradise, it was the fig (ficus Karik) who took pity on Adam and Eve and gave them their fruits to satisfy their hunger, and their leaves to cover their nakedness.

Cacti - well, besides the fact that they absorb harmful radiation from a computer monitor :), they are also irreplaceable guardians. They are believed to be successful in keeping the house safe from burglars and burglars. Apparently, if you thoroughly stick up the windows and the front door with cacti, the robbers with very great reluctance will approach the threshold of your apartment, but rather turn towards the neighbors. However, cacti are not as useful as they might seem. In addition to the fact that with their thorniness they kill outbursts of sexual passion :)), they also lead to drunkenness of the husband, and, apparently, the thicker and fatter the cacti, the more muffled and soundless drunkenness :)

Aspidistra - for stamina. It would just help those who like to "drink too much" :).

If you are already having too much fun, and because of the width of your smile you are afraid for your ears, then urgently drag calla lilies into the house - they bring sadness.

Chlorophytum, in addition to the name "spray of champagne", also has the name "family happiness" - they say that it brings happiness to the house. Well, if it's a little more serious, then this is a well-known air filter that cleans and disinfects the air.

If you have to explain to your beloved half for a long time why you are late at work, put an uzumbar violet in your pockets - they help to resolve conflicts.

Ferns protect the house from all evil spirits (evil eye, induced damage, and all kinds of poltergeists). If the fern is dry, take a closer look at your surroundings. The plant took away spoilage, that is, it worked - it fulfilled its function. In general, if a flower (any), especially a donated one, dries up, it is believed that it wards off the disease, or in general some kind of trouble, takes away the owner's misfortune.

If you don't have money for a psychotherapist and really want to talk, talk to geraniums. She perfectly knows how to listen, and also gives new strength, raises above the bustle of life and inspires :).


According to signs and superstitions, pelargonium growing in the house attracts love. An indoor plant with pink and red flowers is more suitable for single girls, and with red flowers for married couples.

Just like the fat woman (money tree), geranium attracts money, thereby ensuring the financial stability of the family.

Read more about the meaning of geraniums for home and family here.


Many people know this flower called "Man's happiness". It is believed that anthurium:

  • talisman for men
  • attracts love, as the shape of its flower is like a heart
  • attracts success and wealth to the house
  • accumulates happiness.

Read more in our article The value of anthurium for the home.


Indoor flower spathiphyllum or Women's happiness is a talisman for girls and women. He helps them develop the best qualities in themselves, thereby attracting men.

In the house where spathiphyllum grows, there will always be harmony, love and happiness. He protects households from negative emotions and extinguishes conflicts.

More details about the meaning of spathiphyllum for the home here.


The houseplant purifies the air in the house, as it belongs to natural filters. This is why it is best grown in the kitchen.

For those who care for him, chlorophytum will help relieve irritability and give a good mood.

According to superstitions, a flower can help single people find happiness, and spouses can return a faded interest to each other.

According to signs and superstitions, it is believed that myrtle brings calmness, peace and love to the house. As long as the tree grows and is looked after, there will always be happiness and good luck in the family.

Myrtle also has beneficial properties. It contains essential oils that purify the air. Therefore, it is better to grow a houseplant in bedrooms and children's rooms.

How to properly care for myrtle read here.


A small house flower is of great importance to the home and family. He is a symbol of devotion, is able to extinguish conflicts and more easily endure mental suffering. In a house where violets grow, there are rarely quarrels.

Follow the dedicated link and learn How to properly care for violets.

Hoya is believed to symbolize Love. On Valentine's Day, stores sell these plants in the form of hearts, so that lovers can give the symbol of Love to their chosen ones.

Until the hoya blooms, it is recommended to grow it in the bedroom. But it is better to put the flowering plant into the living room, as the flowers exude a strong aroma.

More about hoya care here.


It is very useful to keep an indoor plant with beautiful painted leaves in the house. According to signs and superstitions, arrowroot:

  • is a magnet for financial flows
  • protects against various diseases
  • extinguishes conflicts and aggressive energy.

In a house where arrowroot grows, there will always be a calm atmosphere, financial well-being and happiness.

You can find out more about caring for a flower in our article Caring for arrowroot at home.


The houseplant is considered a "tree of happiness and love." Dracaena help to maintain warm relations and happiness in the family, increase energy, improve the psychological environment in the house. As a result, there are rarely conflicts in the family where the dracaena grows.

It is recommended to grow a tree for single people who want to start a family.

Read about the importance of dracaena for home Here.


Indoor or garden plant is recommended to grow in families where there are frequent conflicts. With the appearance of a flower, happiness will come to the house, since begonia is able to translate negative energy into positive.

A flower will help pessimists gain optimism, and creative people - new ideas.

Also begonia is a symbol of material well-being.

You can find out about proper begonia care if you go to the dedicated link.

Every houseplant needs proper care. Any beautiful flowers in the house will emit only positive energy and bring happiness if you take care of them.

The main thing in all colors that carry love, money and goodness are magical properties. They can be strengthened in several ways, among which should be highlighted:

✿ planting a flower in a wide pot of red or green color
✿ location of the plant in the southern, eastern or southeastern part of the house
✿ receiving a cutting in an unusual way (it is better to steal it discreetly than to buy it, and even better to receive it as a gift from a very wealthy person)
✿ planting a plant with a growing moon
✿ refusal to install a money flower in the bedroom
✿ stacking several coins of different denominations on the bottom of the pot
✿ conducting magic rituals next to the flower, for example, reading conspiracies for money
✿ treating the plant as a living person (the flower should be praised, compliments to it, etc.).

To believe in these observations and beliefs or not is everyone's personal business. But hardly anyone will argue with the fact that caring for plants allows you to calm down, and seeing the foliage (especially if it's slushy autumn or frosty winter outside the window) relaxes tired eyes and relieves stress. A calm, relaxed and contented person is already by himself ready for accomplishments, including making money. Isn't that right? :) ✿

We wish you lush seedlings, fragrant flowers, delicious kebabs,
bronze tan in summer, loose earth, good harvest and a good company of friends!